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ERCG Member Equine Research Funding Resources

American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation

Application Process 

A goal of the AAEP Foundation is to become the authority on identifying, focusing on and promoting equine research and disseminating the results. The AAEP Foundation assists the coordination of research by organizing and supplying staff for the Equine Research Coordination Group. Additionally, the AAEP Foundation, along with other partners, has hosted numerous research summits on various topics to discuss and prioritize equine research.
The AAEP Foundation does not grant funds for equine research projects, but it does provide funds for projects or events that support the coordination of equine research. For more information about the Foundation and its equine research efforts, click here.

American Quarter Horse Foundation
Application Process

Projects should be of interest to the horse owner and industry and be related to the health, welfare and utility of the horse. More specifically, the AQHF and American Quarter Horse Association invites research proposals with specific emphasis on equine head trauma. Special consideration will be given to projects with collaborative approaches between departments or institutions and directed at any of the following areas: prevention, treatment, diagnostics, hospitalization and prognosis. All applications must be obtained through the AQHF by contacting Laura Owens at (806) 378-5034 or e-mail

Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation
Application Process 

The foundationís goal is to identify scientifically well founded projects with the greatest impact on both the horse industry and the problem being studied. The concept was built on the premise that combining the skills of solid scientists with the perspective of actively practicing veterinarians during the evaluation process would result in the funding of research aimed at the most important problems of the horse industry.

The Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation funds research grants and the Storm Cat Research Career Advancement Grant.

Havemeyer Foundation
The Havemeyer Foundation currently does not provide grants for researchers. It does have a series of retainer agreements with universities and other organizations for specific projects. As the projects are terminated, though, they are not being replaced.

Its principal area of endeavor now is its workshop program, which is discussed on the Web site. The foundation has a full schedule of workshops through December of 2010.

Morris Animal Foundation
Application Process

The Foundationís areas of interest for equine are directed towards arthritis, developmental bone diseases, foal diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, geriatric diseases, hereditary disorders, infectious disease, immunology, laminitis, neurological disorders, ophthalmology and pulmonary disorders.

To apply for a grant, the first step is to submit a pre-proposal in one of three categories: established investigator, first-time investigator or fellowship training. Additional grants are available through the Veterinary Student Scholar Grant Program.

U.S. Equestrian Federation Equine Health Research Fund (USA Equestrian Trust, Inc.)

The USEF Equine Health Research Fund supports research projects that benefit performance and show horses and advances the well being of all horses through the USA Equestrian Trust, Inc.. Topics include, but are not limited to, detection of methylprednisolone and isoflupredone after intra-articular administration, endotoxemia in horses during endurance racing, airway secretion in equine recurrent airway obstruction, effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on equine suspensory ligament desmitis, validation of a rapid diagnostic test for strangles, and the effect of laryngoplasty on inspiratory noise in horses with laryngeal hemiplegia.

The USA Equestrian Trust is the entity that manages the funding for the Equine Health Research Fund and is also a generous contributor. Dr. Catherine Kohn of The Ohio State University chairs the review panel. For information, call (800) 633-2472 or (614) 771-7707; e-mail or write Dr. Stephen A. Schumacher, U.S. Equestrian Federation, Equine Drugs and Medications Program, 3760 Ridge Mill Drive, Suite 200, Hilliard, OH 43026-9849.